If you follow David Barnard you'll know that he's long been advocating for changes to the App Store that cut down on the number, and type of scams that are unfortunately so prevalent these days. Did his emails have an effect? It's certainly possible as he noticed a new prompt before starting a free trial for a subscription this week.

Like David, I'm hopeful that this June might see the announcement of a reworked payment sheet for the App Store, or maybe even a reworked purchase process for subscriptions altogether? I definitely hope for better (and native) subscription management in iOS and macOS.

But no matter what ends up in future releases, I believe this week's change is good for the platform. Anything that makes users feel more comfortable that iOS is a platform that only charges them for things they are aware they are being charged for will reap rewards in the long term, and iOS is very much a long term platform.

Of course, in the short term this extra tap and extra decision where a customer could drop out of the purchase process is going to have a negative effect on subscription rates. In fact, Jacob Eiting of RevenueCat is seeing trial rates drop by 20% so be aware of that if you're seeing your numbers drop!

Erk… Right before publishing I noticed this tweet saying that this extra step may have been turned off. If so, I still hope for improvements to subscriptions that build more trust in the platform in the future.

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