The big news this week was the acquisition of Realm by Mongo DB. The acquisition isn't necessarily bad news in itself, and predictably the blog post paints a rosy picture but track records are bad in these situations. Remember Parse? StackMob? In fact, when I had a brief look at the state of MBaaS providers (taking this list as a starting point) it's interesting to see how many of them have pivoted beyond recognition over the last couple of years.

I think it all just goes to show how incredibly hard it is to build a business in developer tools and technologies. An investment of $40m is a huge hole to dig out of though, did it really need that much capital? I know the situation is complex and I really don't know anything about what their plan was, or what went wrong. All I know is that selling for $39m after taking $40m in investment is a sad situation. 😞

That said, I still love their product. It's great technology and it works really well so I really do hope it thrives with the new management. 🤞

Dave Verwer  




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