This week turned out to be a week full of declarative UI. 🚀

First, almost immediately after I published last week's issue, Matt Gallagher posted this fantastic piece on declarative views. It's well worth a read, and offers some thoughts on the problems of non-declarative views, as well as putting into words some thoughts on how Apple might approach this problem.

Then, I saw Daniele Margutti's Owl framework for declaratively putting together table and collection views. It's not the first framework of this type, and it most likely won't be the last either! It's comprehensive though, and is worth a look.

Finally, Google released a new declarative UI framework (which I found via this hot take 😀) at their I/O event this week.

Coincidence? Aren't Apple rumoured to be developing some kind of declarative UI framework too? Actually yea, I think it's all just a total coincidence and I don't think there's any chance that we'll see even a hint of a brand new UI framework at this year's conference. If it ever happens, which it may not, it's still very likely to be many years away. 🙈

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