We've all had a couple of weeks now to get used to the fact that the future of Apple platform development is much more declarative and reactive than it was before the WWDC announcements.

I think most people who were already aboard the reactive programming train are generally in favour of Apple moving in that direction. I have seen a few tongue-in-cheek comments joking about how reactive Swift (note the lower case "r" there 😀) is suddenly seen as great now that Apple have blessed it. It's certainly true that there's nothing revolutionary here, we've had similar technologies available for years, but in my opinion this stuff being first party really matters.

Third party dependencies are costly, especially so if they affect the fundamental architecture of your app. It's one thing to use a small UI component for a specific view. It's something else entirely to base your entire architecture on a third party library. So when Apple do it, yes it's different to when an open source framework does it. SwiftUI and Combine have been in development for years and they won't ever be abandoned without real care and time to let them deprecate gracefully. I'm not saying they will be deprecated of course, but that if they are, it'll be done very carefully.

That's why it's OK for people to jump on board much more quickly when it's Apple doing this stuff, even if it's been possible for years.

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