Let me start this week by saying thank you to everyone who took the time to answer last week's survey on keeping up with iOS development. At the time of writing it's had 2,280 responses which is amazing. Thank you.

I also want to say how blown away I was by the incredible kindness I received in the free text comments at the end of the survey. I read every one of them and you're all entirely too kind. I didn't create the survey for an ego boost but I definitely received one. ❤️

I promised to publish aggregated results, so before I say another word here they are!

What did I learn though? The summary is that you're reasonably happy with the amount of content you consume on iOS development but could handle a little more if pushed, and discovery of content is still a problem that's not being solved by Medium. That's really useful to know.

Talking of Medium, I had a couple of people ask why I had an entire question about it in the survey. I'll explain. When I speak to people who write there, their primary reason is often that they believe people will discover their posts through Medium. The results of the survey confirmed my suspicion, that people use Medium to read, but not for discovery. Obviously I got a slightly skewed view because I primarily asked an audience of people who use an email newsletter to discover articles, but with so many respondents I think I can take some indication from the results.

I also just want to reassure you all that iOS Dev Weekly isn't going anywhere! I still love writing it and I can't see a day where that changes. The reason I did this survey is that I've been wondering whether there's room for something else based around the open web (specifically RSS, which I love) that's curated by the crowd, rather than just by me.

Oh and one more thing before I finish… I've had a desire to do a larger survey of the iOS development community for a while now, and the response to this one has spurred me on into action. We're now a few weeks into this year's iOS releases so I think it's a good time to get a comprehensive look at how our community feels about iOS development this year (and every year in the future as I'm planning to make this an annual thing). I'm putting together a large set of survey questions, but I'll also take feedback from you all on what to ask, once I have a first draft together. I'll also make the results into a dedicated survey web site, so stay tuned for that.

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Lead Application Engineer - SwiftUI, Combine, iOS/macOS @ LiveSurface – Build the next generation of LiveSurface products with a focus on SwiftUI, Combine and the newest Apple frameworks. LiveSurface is an industry leader in visualization and image creation tools for creatives. We blend clean UX, proprietary rendering technology and hand-curated content to provide realtime photorealistic visualization to our users. – Remote

iOS Developer (Swift / SwiftUI) @ Clay – SwiftUI + Thoughtful Design + Privacy + Complex Data Science = Clay, the better way to be thoughtful with the people in your life. Lead mobile development and work with a small, passionate team of product people building the most exciting new iOS 13+ product out of NYC. – Remote, or New York NY

Lead iOS Developer @ Atomic Robot – Atomic Robot has the best mobile development team in the City, and is constantly pushing the boundaries on what is possible with Mobile Technology – Cincinnati OH

Swift Engineer @ WillowTree – At WillowTree, Swift Engineers have the freedom to create products people love. You’ll collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to build large-scale products for well-known brands. We look for team members who advocate for software engineering best practices and inspire their team to continuously learn and improve. – Charlottesville VA

Mobile Engineering Manager @ Betterment – You will have the ability to manage a team of bright mobile developers and stay hands-on with modern mobile technologies – New York NY


There's even more job listings over at iOS Dev Jobs! Or, are you looking to hire a new team mate?


And finally...

If Swift 6 is delayed, this is why... 😂