Last week I asked for your feedback on my draft list of questions for the iOS Developer Community Survey. Honestly, you blew me away by starting more than 300 comment threads and leaving almost 450 replies. That’s significantly more than I expected. I'm glad you're as excited about this as I am. 🙌

So what was the feedback? Well... basically... you wanted to add even more questions! 😂 I've given a lot of thought to the length of the survey over the last week, and have decided to keep this as a really comprehensive survey. It's a long questionnaire, and I know that will affect how many people actually fill it in. That said, I genuinely think it's going to be more interesting to have a smaller number of responses to a significant survey, than a huge number of responses to a trivial one.

So, I've had a couple of people beta test it for me and it's probably going to take you between 20 to 40 minutes (see the UPDATE below) to complete. You also need to finish it without closing the browser tab. It’s not a strenuous survey though, every question is optional and there are no free text questions at all.

UPDATE: It's looking like it's taking around 15-20 minutes on average! That's great news. 👍

Asking for this much of your time isn’t something I do lightly. I really believe that this survey could be significant to the industry going forward, and this is your chance to get your views seen by the rest of the community, and even beyond that. For example, while Apple is not involved in this survey, I’m very confident that they’ll be watching the results carefully. Want them to listen? Isn't answering some multiple-choice questions easier than filing radars? 😂

So, will you fill in the very first iOS Developer Community Survey? I’d love it if you would.

Dave Verwer  





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