Happy new year, everyone! 🎊 I hope you all had a fantastic break and are raring to go for 2020! I know I have big plans for this year, and I can't wait to get started with them! πŸš€

Before I launch into this week's comment, I want to give the iOS Dev Survey one final push. I'm closing the survey in four days on Tuesday 7th January. So, if you've been delaying filling it in this is your last reminder. Also, I'd like to sincerely thank the 2,075(!) people who have kindly donated their time to this project so far. Thank you. πŸ™Œ


I'm a huge fan of static site generators. In fact, this newsletter started as a static site! It was a Jekyll site full of Markdown files, and three templates; One for the web version, one for the email, and one for the plain text email. The iOS Dev Directory is a static site. The SwiftPM Library is a static site front end combined with a custom back end. My blog is a static site. Even App Review Times began as a static site. It’s been my preferred way to get a project up and running quickly for a very long time. πŸ‘

So, I’ve been eagerly awaiting John Sundell’s Swift based static site generator for a while, and just before the holidays he made the last part of it available. It consists of Publish, Plot, Ink, and Splash. I'm not someone who pines to write everything in Swift, but I'm definitely interested in this.

I'm even building a new static site right now for the iOS Dev Survey Results. Unfortunately, I had already started building the website before John's tool was published (pun intended!), but I'll be checking out John's project for the next itch that I inevitably need to scratch! 😬 I'm excited to try it out.

Dave Verwer  




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Mobile Full Stack Engineer @ Expensify – Expensify seeks a self-driven and collaborative individual passionate about making code beautiful and effective, with a general understanding of and experience in JavaScript, Android and/or iOS SDKs, and mobile design patterns. PHP is a plus, but not a requirement. – London UK, Portland OR, or San Francisco CA

Swift Engineer @ WillowTree – At WillowTree, Swift Engineers have the freedom to create products people love. You’ll collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to build large-scale products for well-known brands.Β We look for team members who advocate for software engineering best practices and inspire their team to continuously learn and improve. – Charlottesville VA


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And finally...

When C programmers need a REPL, Swift comes to the rescue! πŸ‘