Last week, I opened with a comment that reiterated that everything was fine if you hadn’t implemented any SwiftUI yet. I received several emails on the subject after the newsletter went out that suggested it had resonated with you. I'm glad.

Everything is fine, but I’d also suggest that the first half of this year might be a good time to start getting up to speed with these new technologies if you can.

We’ll likely see tremendous changes and improvements to both SwiftUI and Combine from Apple this summer. It’s also likely that SwiftUI in iOS 14 will be a much more feasible platform for shipping apps than it is in iOS 13. You’ll probably want to start using it in anger before iOS 15 arrives.

So, why not build something now? It doesn’t matter what, and it certainly doesn’t need to ship. But you’ll learn so much, and you’ll be so much more prepared for iOS 14 and beyond.

You’ve still got plenty of time too. For example, if you started Paul’s 100 Days of SwiftUI today, you could be finished by the 26th of April. Just in time to take a short break before WWDC.

But no matter how you choose to do it, or what you decide to implement, it’s probably a good idea to have built something with these new technologies before June. Give it a go!

Dave Verwer  







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