I started this newsletter almost 9 years ago primarily to spread the word about all of the wonderful writing that this community was doing. Promoting great content is still the main reason I spend so many hours each week reading everything I can get my hands on from you all.

Almost two years ago, I decided to open source my RSS subscriptions and build a directory of everyone I could find blogging about Swift and Apple platform development. That became the iOS Dev Directory and I subscribe to every feed on that site. It's been an enormous help to how I keep myself up to date. 👍

Last year I started having some thoughts about expanding what the directory does. I still firmly believe that manually curating articles for this newsletter will always be a valuable service to provide, and I'm not going to stop doing that. Still, I think there's room for an additional, more... firehose'y 😂 approach. I did a bit of market research, published the results, and made some plans.

I may have been slightly too late with my thoughts though, as several other projects have sprung up in the last week or two, all based on the data from the iOS Dev Directory - iOS Dev Blogs, Swift news, and Swift Blogs. None of these sites are precisely what I had planned, but they're certainly along the same lines.

Seeing so many projects spring up from the iOS Dev Directory is terrific, but it does seem like a bit of a shame that we've ended up with three sites that do almost the same thing, launching at almost the same time. I don't want to criticise these projects in any way, but part of me wonders what we could have done if we had all worked together on something. So, I'd like to close my comment this week by saying I don't bite! If you're thinking of doing something with any of the open-source data I've put together, consider getting in touch with me. Maybe we'll be able to collaborate, or I might put you in touch with someone else doing similar things, or perhaps I'll wish you good luck! My inbox is always open, just hit reply to any of these emails.

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