A small but important note to start this week. I'm having some problems with Cloudflare giving HTTP 403 errors on the iOS Dev Weekly homepage. It shouldn't affect the links in the newsletter, but if for some reason it does, please try again a little later.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's much I can do about it. As I understand it, it's caused by Cloudflare being too sensitive and thinking that your legitimate traffic is malicious. I could turn Cloudflare off, but I also use it to provide my HTTPS, and I don't want to lose that. I've loosened the protection settings as much as I can, so hopefully that'll help.

But... It's Friday, and the one constant thing about your week is that I publish a newsletter every Friday! 🚢 Please keep your fingers crossed that it works though, and if it doesn't, please try again later. 🤞

Dave Verwer  





Project Manager @ Coradine Aviation – Create inspired systems for passionate global customers with a tight-knit talented team by orchestrating and driving our iOS, macOS, and web-based projects forward in a transparent and flexible work environment! – Portland OR

Engineering Manager @ WillowTree – As an Engineering Manager you’ll mentor a team of all levels to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Your partnership and coaching skills will impact our teams, clients, and company! You’ll have clear oversight of how engineering runs day-to-day and you’ll influence project outcomes and team happiness. – Charlottesville VA, or Durham NC

Senior iOS Developer @ – Collaborate with outstanding people; Make an immediate impact; Gain well-rounded experience; Work with the latest technologies; Focus on fun! – Tysons VA


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And finally...

whatevs 😂