I read a very entertaining post yesterday from Dan Gauthier on imposter syndrome. If you didn't see it mentioned on Twitter, you should read it.

Maybe you're just starting out learning Swift, or perhaps you're on the road to releasing your first app? Or like Dan, you might be on your way to becoming independent. Whatever it is you're trying to achieve, remember that you're capable of doing astonishing things, no matter what other people are doing or saying.

It doesn't matter whether you're struggling with imposter syndrome, a technical issue, finding time and space to work on your projects, or anything else. Remember that every long journey is just a series of small steps. I guarantee that if you keep chipping away at your goals when you have time, you'll be blown away by how far you've come by this time next year.

Also, while I found the joke at the end of Dan's piece funny, 😂 don't worry too much about Twitter or Instagram. Social networks are rarely a great place to be when you're feeling imposter syndrome. Instead, focus on just putting one foot in front of another as often as you can.

Also, I should really listen to my own advice... 😬

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