Unless you've been living under a rock this week, you'll know that Apple released a few more details of this year's WWDC. We still don't know specifics, but the press release does mention that "lab schedules" will be shared in June, which is interesting. I'm sticking to my view of don't hold your breath for anything revolutionary, but I'll be happy if I'm proven wrong!

What we do know, and the focus of this week's announcement was the fact that there will still be a scholarship programme (of sorts) this year, which is fantastic news. If you're thinking of applying, you should watch this interview with Esther Hare where she goes into some details of how to make your submission stand out. (Hint: It's the same formula you can use to stand a better chance of getting an app featured in the App Store!)

Predictably, it looks like the Apple Developer app is going to be the "venue" for the conference. I'm not going to echo the overwhelming sentiment of Twitter that the lack of a Mac app is unforgivable. There's plenty of time before the conference, and I fully expect an app update before then, so I hope it comes as part of that update.

Oh and a quick, quiet note to Apple. If you're not planning a Catalyst version, now would be a great time to "click the checkbox". 😂

Dave Verwer  


I know I wrote about virtual community events three weeks ago, but things are moving fast, and more are launching every day, so here’s a quick follow-up.

First up, try! Swift World which kicked off on Monday. Next, RW Talks had their first talk on Wednesday. Both of these have full schedules of workshops/talks coming up, so check them out even if you missed their opening sessions.

Then, the virtual conferences start. Next week is App Builders, followed by UIKonf the week after. Both have their schedules and events announced. Then, looking into June, there’s still mDevCamp and Hacking with Swift Live in July. Are there any other virtual conferences I’m missing? I’ll do another round-up as we approach WWDC.







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It's also worth saying that if you're actively looking for a job, you should sign up for the jobs specific mailing list over at iOS Dev Jobs. It's one email a week, every Monday, and includes more jobs than are featured here.


And finally...

If this week's accepted change to Swift made you a little grumpy (like it did to me!), remember this. 😂

Either that or take the changes to their ultimate conclusion! 🙌