It’d be easy for me to write today’s iOS Dev Weekly as a completely normal issue. I try to keep this newsletter focused on what you signed up for, a round-up of this week’s iOS development links. But I can’t ignore what’s happening around the world right now. The impact of systemic racism on people of colour in our community will only get better if we talk about it, and even though I fear being misinformed or saying the wrong thing, I feel I must speak up on the issue. I stand with you, and as a result, what you’re reading today is a little different.

I’ve looked back over the last year or so of conference videos and chosen a few favourites, all by people of colour. The links are below. Please watch a video or two, follow the speakers on Twitter, listen to them, and learn from them.

What I’m doing here isn’t enough, but I also consider my work on the iOS Dev Directory to be in pursuit of the same goal. When I launched it a couple of years ago, it was to make sure I didn’t miss voices in our community, and it remains the primary source of all links in iOS Dev Weekly. I subscribe to every English language feed on that site and I try to treat every post equally when I read. Please help me make sure I’ve included everyone.

Dave Verwer  

It may seem insensitive to have a sponsor in this issue, and I apologise if it does. The sponsorship schedule is set weeks/months in advance, and it's hard to change on short notice. Please do check out this week's sponsor as normal. Thank you.



All of these videos have already appeared in previous issues of iOS Dev Weekly. But when I link to a full list of videos from a conference, it's such an embarrassment of riches that it's hard to know where to start. I'm saying that these videos are all worth your time.

My hope with iOS Dev Weekly is that when I link to blog posts, articles, or videos that it doesn't only inform people. I also hope to encourage new people to contribute to the community. By linking these specific videos, I hope to send the message to people of colour that your voice is wanted and needed by this community. 🖤