Don't you love the feeling of launching a new project? I know I do, and it makes me so happy to say that today is one of those days!

Say hello to the Swift Package Index. πŸš€

You may remember back to August last year when I launched a Swift Package Manager search engine. Since then, I've talked with several people about an open-source, Swift re-implementation of that idea. I'd even made a start as a way to learn Vapor, but I had other projects on my plate, and my progress was slow. Then, Sven A. Schmidt joined me on the project, and everything changed. We re-started it using Vapor 4, and have been working hard for the last two months to build something robust, scalable, and ready for the future of the Swift Package Manager. πŸŽ‰

The goal of the site is unchanged. Finding high-quality libraries is hard, and the Swift Package Index aims to surface the information you need to make great choices about dependencies. Look at this page for a popular package. You can see how long it's been in development, and how active that development is. That there's a stable release, and also an upcoming beta. It's obvious what platforms it supports, which versions of Swift, and how it's licensed. It's full of accurate, always up-to-date information that will guide you towards great decisions. ❀️

Of course, there's much more we can do to make those decisions even easier, and we have big plans for the future. But today is about focusing on the launch, so I do hope you'll check it out.

Dave Verwer and Sven A. Schmidt  





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And finally...

An .xcscheme file in Space Force? Congratulations to SwCrypt on 15 minutes of fame! πŸ˜‚