The Thursday evening before WWDC is usually a hectic one for me. I'm generally trying to get this newsletter finished while throwing clothes into a suitcase so that I can board a 12-hour flight to California on Friday. I'm writing this on the Thursday evening before WWDC in 2020, and I've no concrete plans for tomorrow. 😬

It's not news to say that this year's event is going to be unlike any WWDC in history, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited about it! I've done a full round-up of what's going on below, so be sure to check that out.

Dave Verwer  



Here we go! 🚀 Things kick off this weekend with a bit of pre-WWDC trivia fun. Almost guaranteed to be chaos on Zoom, but I'm completely up for that, and will be there!

But what about watching the conference itself? Watch together with other members of the community at WWDC Together, or the WWDC Watch Party. The Watch Party site deserves a special mention for organising group get-togethers and "meet a developer" events throughout the week. Be sure to register and let them know how you’d like to participate.

Of course, the Apple Developer app arrived on macOS (I'm not saying I told you so, but... 😂). It's got a few Catalyst shaped rough edges, but there are alternatives if you want an AppKit WWDC client. As the week goes on, there’s a group of people who'll be organising notes and blog posts as they appear, and a few more over here doing the same.

It’s not all about sessions though, so don’t miss James Dempsey and the breakpoints LIVE-ish on Wednesday, or the try! Swift social when it’s all over on Saturday. Oh and if WWDC is all about the pins for you, you’re in luck!

I’d also like to congratulate all of the student scholarship winners! I loved browsing through your submissions. You’re all incredible. 🤯

I’ll finish with one final note. Lots of people have put enormous amounts of time and effort into preparing these sites and events. If you appreciate what they've done, then please be sure to reach out and thank them. Also, if any of these events turn out a little chaotic (it’s likely!), please bear with the organisers. I can promise they’re doing their best.

Is that it? Probably not, but that's all I have!

UPDATE: There's also an AltConf virtual happy hour on Monday after the keynote finishes. Grab a spot here.






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And finally...