“My new project is 100% written with …”

I see this phrase everywhere in the iOS/Swift community. Most recently the ellipsis is replaced by SwiftUI, but it has been many other things too. It may seem like a positive statement, but I don’t see it this way. It’s the “100%” (or sometimes “Pure”) that bothers me.

I don’t think we should be striving to have the things we make be 100% anything! The world is full of incredible technology, and if we seek to exclude anything that isn’t Swift, or SwiftUI, or whatever else it is, then we’ll miss out on so many ideas, techniques, and people from other areas of software development.

This community has always been a friendly one. I remember when I first started dipping my toe in Objective-C development, many years ago, one of the things that made me stick around was how welcome I felt. Our current community is still friendly, but I see issues with how inward-looking we can be, and I see it getting worse over time. If someone familiar with another language peeks into this community and sees a “SWIFT IS EVERYTHING” mindset, they’re less likely to stick around, and that’s a loss.

I know that when people say this, their heart is in the right place. I know it’s just that people are excited about new technology and want to share that excitement. I just fear that if we focus inwards too much, we’ll lose something special, and be seen as a less welcoming community than we think we are.

Note: I want to be clear that I’m not trying to subtweet (sub-newsletter? 😂) any particular people with this comment. This isn't about any specific individuals, it's everywhere.

UPDATE: I had a couple of people email me thinking that I was suggesting that we shouldn't use Swift, or SwiftUI, or other new technology. That was absolutely not my intention, so I wrote a few clarification tweets!

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