Just six weeks ago, Sven and I launched the Swift Package Index - A site dedicated to helping you make better decisions about your dependencies.

Today, we’re releasing our next major feature — comprehensive compatibility metadata for both platforms and Swift versions. At a glance, you can see what versions of Swift a package supports, and whether it’s compatible with iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux! How are we getting all of this information? There’s no better way to check whether a package supports an environment than by running a build in that environment, right? So that’s how we’re doing it. We run builds using every permutation of platform and Swift version to determine precise compatibility data for every package. 😅

We’ve run over 200,000 builds so far, and developed a mechanism to automatically keep up with every package in near real-time as new versions are released. We then aggregate the build results into easy to read compatibility tables on every page of the Swift Package Index. I’m confident that there’s no better way (that's available today) to quickly check whether the package you’re interested in supports your app’s environment.

There’s a lot more to say about this feature than I can fit into an iOS Dev Weekly introduction, so what you should do now is go and read the launch blog post, and then check the feature out. That blog post also contains the answer to what many of you have been asking about these tweets.

Developing this feature has been an enormous effort. So much so that if we knew then what we know now, it may never have left the drawing board, but it did, and now it’s here for you all to enjoy!

Dave Verwer  




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What a great story. The case of the top-secret iPod. 🕵️‍♂️