It’s always hard to tell which features of a new iOS release are going to be a hit with your app’s users. Should you spend time creating a widget, an App Clip, adding support for Siri, or any of a multitude of other system features that Apple adds each year.

It gets even trickier to make those decisions when you’re weighing Apple’s development priorities (new operating system features) with new functionality that’s more closely aligned with your app’s goals. Is adding support for a brand new API going to lead to a featured story on the App Store? Is that bump in sales for a few days going to be better for your business than implementing that feature that a hundred customers have requested? It’s a balancing act.

If you decided to implement a widget this year, or even made a whole new app with the technology, it’s fairly safe to say that it was the right decision. But it’s so easy to say that in hindsight. It could just as easily have turned out to be a mistake.

I can’t offer any concrete advice at the end of this, except to say that there’s a cost to everything, and choosing the right development priorities is never trivial. Congratulations to everyone who saw widget-based success this week, but also to those who prioritised user feature requests too. I hope your customers remember that you went the extra mile for them as they email you asking why you don’t have a widget yet. 😂

Dave Verwer  



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And finally...

Never miss a terminal bell again...

Also, I love that this was submitted as an iTerm pull request, even if it was in jest.