It’s been a joy to hear to the story behind Widgetsmith direct from David Smith this week. I don’t often link to podcasts, mainly because I don’t listen to tech podcasts anymore (I stopped because I spend too much time reading tech and reserve my podcast time for other subjects). But I made two exceptions this week to hear more details of his remarkable story.

He talked first on Under the Radar, and then at length about his experience on The Talk Show. You should listen to both if you have time.

While it’s a lovely story, and couldn’t have happened to a nicer person who has worked consistently for many years as an independent developer. I don’t think there’s anything revolutionary to be learned from his experience. David won the App Store lottery, and yes, he bought 59 tickets instead of one or two, but buying lottery tickets still isn’t a (good) business strategy.

I’m confident Widgetsmith would have been sustainable as part of the overall strategy that he’s been following for years now (which he outlines on the Talk Show) without this stroke of luck. I’m sure this last couple of weeks will change his business now that it’s happened, but it’s not something you could/should ever plan or aim for.

Congratulations again, David. It’s lovely to see your success. 🚀

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