Let’s talk a little more about the App Store, shall we? Fear not though, I’m not going to talk about problems this week, but opportunities.

Specifically, an opportunity offered by iOS 14 that you might not have considered. Grab an iPhone and check out the marketing page for Phoenix2, an iOS game.

See that banner at the top of the screen? No, it’s not a Smart App Banner. It’s got a dotted line around the icon, and a button that says “PLAY”. It’s an App Clip!

I completely missed that web-based App Clips were a thing when Apple announced them back in June. Click the button, and a few seconds later, you’re in a full-screen iOS game launched directly from the site.

We may not have demo versions in a traditional sense, but this is an exciting potential use case for a technology that felt like it was all about physical, real-world interactions when Apple unveiled it. If Firi Games can get a full level of their game into a 10Mb clip, I can’t wait to see what else is possible.

Dave Verwer  






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And finally...

If anyone in the marketing department for Apple Silicon Macs is listening, please make this happen. It'd be glorious. 😍