I think it’s fair to say that this year has been exceptional, for all the wrong reasons. 😬

Yes, our industry has fared better than most in 2020, and we should all be grateful for that, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not been full of stories of hardship. No matter which way you spin it, 2020 has been tough for most people.

But we can also look forward with hope. With multiple viable vaccines on the horizon and some countries already starting to administer doses, there is hope that at this time next year, the world will again be a slightly happier and safer place. We’re not out of it yet, but it feels like we’re starting to see the first glow of sunrise.

But before you write off 2020, I’d spend a minute thinking about what you have managed to achieve this year. I actually surprised myself a bit when I did. My 2020 started with the Community Survey Results, and then the (re)launch of the Swift Package Index as an open-source project just before WWDC, and then the build system a couple of months later. I also completed a six-month contract, and still managed to find time to press send on this newsletter every Friday. I’m pretty proud of that, given all the challenges.

This year has been very challenging for me, and I’m sure it has for you too. But it’s important to remember it’s not been a complete washout for any of us. Take a few minutes to look back at your own year. I bet there are more positives than you first think. Don’t just think about work either. Life is about more than iOS development.

As always, I’d like to thank you all so much for sticking with me and continuing to read and send feedback on what I write here. I truly appreciate that you consider this worthy of your attention.

I normally take a week off over the holidays, but in recent years I’ve been using that week to do a round-up of the best “And Finally…” links of the year, which kinda negates the whole “week off” thing… 😬 So this year, I’m going to take an actual week off meaning no issue at all next week. The following week will be the round-up of “And Finally…”, which will be waiting for you in your inboxes on the first day of 2021. That should take the sting out of returning to work!

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And finally...

This raises interesting questions. Would this be a real-world or digital purchase? don't think the US government would qualify for the Small Business Programme, so they'd almost certainly need to pay the full 30%! 😂