Something struck me as I watched the M1 chip appear in more hardware on Tuesday. It won’t be long until the whole Mac lineup has the same internals.

The “low” end of the Apple silicon Mac lineup now looks complete. The smaller laptops, Mac mini, and smaller iMac all have the same chip inside them, the M1. Yes, some of them have one less GPU core, but that’s such a minor difference it’s barely worth mentioning.

But what about the “Pro” Macs? What about more than 16Gb RAM and high-end GPUs, and all the other things “Pro” users want? I feel pretty confident that Apple will fall into the same consistent cycle for M-series chips that they have been so consistent with while producing the A-series. September will almost certainly bring us an A15 with the new iPhone, and I’d bet an M2 will accompany it with the capability for more memory and story around better or dedicated GPUs. I don’t think we’ll see the entire range of M1 upgraded to M2 chips immediately, but I think we’ll see it happen before the M3 arrives. Maybe the highest-end machines will get more cores via an M2X or similar, but wouldn’t it be great if the whole Mac lineup had their chips upgraded every year, just like the iPhone and iPad do?

Do you know what that would mean? It would no longer be possible to buy a bad Mac! Just pick the form factor you’d like, and that’s it. Do you want a small laptop with a keyboard? MacBook Air. Want a desktop with a built-in screen? The iMac is for you. Which machine is faster for X, or Y task? That is no longer a valid question. It would also mean that there wouldn’t be a bad time to buy a Mac, as you’d never be more than a year behind the latest upgrades.

Why am I talking about this? Especially when I try not to make predictions or dwell on what might be coming next. 😬

The promise of SwiftUI is the software equivalent of the Apple silicon chips. You can’t pick the wrong framework, and your code will (largely) be compatible with any Apple platform. Just choose a platform (or platforms) you’d like to target and start creating.

We may not quite be there today, but we’re moving closer to that reality with every passing year. SwiftUI is the Apple silicon of software frameworks. 🤩

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