I lost about two hours yesterday to this tweet from Davide Di Stefano. Xcode 2 was the first version I used, but this video of Xcode 3 from Kevin Vinck took me on a delightful trip down memory lane, which ended in finding this YouTube channel and this video introducing Project Builder. Despite being such low resolution you can’t read the text, I watched more of it than I should have for a Thursday afternoon. 😬 I loved seeing features in Project Builder that are still a part of Xcode today.

I was late to the Mac platform and only owned my first one in 2006, but once I jumped, there was no turning back. I quickly fell in love with the platform and with writing apps with Objective-C and Cocoa. Of course, iPhone OS and then iOS followed, and the rest is history.

It’s tempting to mock these old versions of Xcode and Interface Builder. Just look at all those windows! However, my rose-coloured spectacles are fully functional, and I don’t feel anything but fondness for that software. The Mac, its development environment, and the community of incredibly passionate Mac developers that I found when I arrived were inspiring and exciting in a way I hadn’t felt in years. My ex-colleagues mocked me gently, and I think they half expected my experiments with the Mac to be short-lived, but they were not!

So, I’d encourage you to join me in some nostalgia this Friday and think back to the first version of Xcode you used. Or, if your first version of Xcode was more recent, explore a bit of the history of developer tools on the Mac. 🚀

By the way, my favourite parts of the video were the warning about forgetting to save the IB file before building in Xcode and being tripped up by the text field cell inside the text field. Ah, memories!

Oh, and just before publishing, I saw this tweet from Uli Kusterer. What is it with the nostalgia this week?

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And finally...

This spoke to me. The deeper you go into my apps, the more rotten my code is. 😂