A couple of weeks ago, I apologised for talking about the Swift Package Index too much. After the newsletter went out, someone replied via email saying:

Keep talking about the Swift Package Index! I only visited it for the first time after this newsletter.

It’s a great reminder that if you’re trying to promote something, you almost certainly need to talk about it more than you think you do. I had got to the point where in my mind, I needed to apologise for mentioning it so often but still had not persuaded someone who was engaged enough to reply to my email to check it out. It blew my mind a bit! 🤯

So, the lesson is that you need to talk more about what you’re doing, right? Promote, promote, promote! There are always chances to reach someone new, right? Well, yes, and also no. When I manage to reach someone new, it’ll likely be the final straw for someone else, and they’ll stop listening forever. It’s a balancing act.

I used to think about this in quite a transactional way. For every tweet or link about someone else, I gave myself a partial credit for some self-promotion. I never went as far as writing it down or making it formal, but I’d keep a rough track in my head and try not to go into debt. I now think about it in a slightly less structured way, though, as I’ve got better at it.

Part of why I permit myself to talk about my projects is that this newsletter has always highlighted other people’s work. That’s one way I try and balance it, but even with that, over saturating the message is something I think about all the time.

Another part of it is that the index is an open-source project. I’m not talking about something that will cost you any money. I’d deduct much more from my credit balance if I were selling something.

Do you think about this in the same way? Even if you’re not promoting an app or a service, you’re probably promoting something! Maybe a side project, or perhaps just yourself!

Oh, and would you look at that. I accidentally talked about the Swift Package Index again. Deduct the credit from my balance, please! 😂

Dave Verwer  







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And finally...

I opened with a link to Apple's new accessibility announcements, so let's close on the same subject!

Presenting the delightfully baroque VoiceOver descriptions provided for the built-in wallpaper images. 😍