Happy Friday everyone.

So this week Mountain Lion was released, Apple posted another great set of figures in their annual call and iOS Dev Weekly reached the end of its first year of bringing you a few developer related links every week.

I have always been surprised by how popular this format of rounding up the news for the week is. After deciding to do it, setting up a sign-up form and tweeting it, more than 600 people signed up before the first issue was even sent (thanks for the added pressure) and since then the numbers have grown slowly but steadily until this week when we tipped over 4,100 people. Thank you all for subscribing.

There have been downsides though and I am afraid that writing this every week has permanently changed me. I am now pathologically afraid of exclamation marks and that word that begins with an f and means "no money" as using either of them means that spam filters everywhere kick into action and half of you don't receive the email. Still, I can live with that.

Anyway, enough listening to me ramble on. Thanks again for subscribing and for spreading the word. I have been overwhelmed by the response and feedback that people have been so kind to send and I hope I can keep on producing something that you all want to read. I will shut up now before this goes all teary eyed Oscar speech and instead say... Bring on the links...


Dave Verwer  





And finally...