Instead of writing about this, I’m going to take Holly Borla’s advice and write something positive.

When I first linked to Airport, I wished Jordan Singer good luck but was sure that Apple would find a way to stop it from existing. I thought they’d see it as an “alternative App Store” and remove it from TestFlight. I’m delighted to say that I was dead wrong, and it has thrived over the past year. If you’re not familiar with Airport, there’s a good overview here. It’s great to see it do well, and I commend Apple for leaving this harmless project alone.

You can download Airport itself via TestFlight, or if that’s at capacity, there’s also a web version created by Siddharth Sharma.

But I’m not writing about Airport again only to let you know it exists. I’m writing about it because of what I see surrounding it. Every time I see someone link to a TestFlight beta on Airport, I see it received by excitement and positivity.

Some of that optimism is due to pre-release apps not yet facing the unforgiving reality of the App Store, but it’s more than that. Airport is nurturing exactly the kind of community we should encourage.

So, let’s listen to Holly, and after sending a pleasant message to someone in your life, download a beta app from Airport and send a developer some positive feedback.

Note: Remember that positive feedback includes phrases like “I like how...” or “Great job with…”. 😂 Developers will always be grateful for suggestions and bug reports, but remember to keep that positivity channelled while you do it. I can be guilty of this, as we all can be, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

I picked RPGen from Lyzzi Brooks. I love D&D and have secretly always wanted to run a game, or at least a one-shot. However, I also know how bad I am at improvising. This app has a vast database of all kinds of names, items, places, and other objects, all available at the tap of a button. Great job, Lyzzi! In terms of potential future directions. I wonder what a “Story mode” would look like, where you could say, “I need three NPCs here, a city name, and three shops that the party might walk past, and be able to save all those into a list. Also, maybe I should try and find time to run that first one-shot? 🤔

Right. Wasn’t that better than 500 words debating the pros and cons of a tiny subset of apps being able to add a single link that may or may not eventually lead to a page where people can make a payment? Especially when we don’t even know the full details yet.

Dave Verwer  





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