I don't remember when I first became aware of Steve Jobs. It happened gradually.

I had been aware of Apple since I used my school's single Mac Classic (yes, just one for the whole school) in 1990 when I was sixteen. The teachers kept it locked away in the cupboard, but I managed to find excuses to use it. I certainly didn't know much about the company's history at that age, though, and there was certainly no internet in any form I had access to back then if I had wanted to research it!

I think the first time I was properly aware of Steve was during one of the iPod announcements. I was fully immersed in a Microsoft focused part of my career at the time, and I remember comparing it to much cheaper (and so much worse) alternatives. I wasn't too impressed, but I wasn't paying proper attention.

I finally opened my eyes to Apple when I bought my first Mac in 2006. As soon as I focused on the company, it was instantly apparent what an incredible job Steve had done bringing it back from the brink of failure.

I was lucky enough to be in the same room as Steve a few times during WWDC keynotes. It was quite an experience, even as a member of the audience. People used to refer to it as his "reality distortion field", and I certainly felt it. He changed the way I thought about products and was instrumental in changing the path of my career. I've missed him over the last ten years and will continue to miss him for the next ten.

But, rather than reading the thoughts of someone who didn't know Steve, I'd recommend you spend some time this weekend reading this article in the WSJ from Jony Ive, one of his closest friends. It's beautiful.

Dave Verwer  






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