Two days ago, Apple reminded us that they’re not finished with developer-focused announcements for this year by releasing the first beta of Xcode 13.2. 🎉

There are two significant headlines in this release, alongside the usual “bug fixes and improvements”. 😂 First, and most significantly, the much-discussed backport of the Swift 5.5 concurrency features is not only going ahead, but it’s also shipping in Xcode 13.2! There are some caveats around using it with watchOS, Mac Catalyst, and TestFlight, which you should read about in the Known Issues. Still, considering the last post I saw on this subject made no promises of the backport happening, seeing this in the release notes was a happy surprise! Let all your threads prosper, regardless of the underlying operating system. 🎉

It’s worth reading this tweet from Doug Gregor before going all in, though. There may/will be bugs.

The second significant point in the release notes is this one:

Xcode 13.2 beta includes support for app projects created with Swift Playgrounds 4.

As we saw at WWDC, Swift Playgrounds on iPad is growing up into something that can even submit apps to TestFlight and the App Store. They also promised a better package-based project format for transferring projects between Playgrounds and Xcode, and this feature of Xcode 13.2 looks like one half of that! It seems likely that we’ll see a release of Playgrounds 4 around the same time as 13.2 coming out of beta. Exciting!

It’s easy to focus our attention on WWDC as the “Developer Event” each year, but as the recent Tech Talks also showed, I like that Apple doesn’t think that way anymore.

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And finally...

This is a very cool piece of history.

... and all it took to get from there to here was a few announcements introduced as one more thing! 😅