Happy (almost) New Year, everyone! 🎊🎉🎊

Yes, technically, this issue arrives in your inboxes on the 31st of December unless you live in Australia or New Zealand, but I’m going to call it close enough and wish you all the best for 2022 now. I hope it’s a much, much better year than 2021 was!

For this issue, as is now a firmly established tradition, I present the “best of And Finally…” for your enjoyment!

Dave Verwer  

And finally...

From Issue 498:

Poof 💨


From Issue 504:

You gotta believe...


From Issue 507:

Type carefully in App Store Connect! 😂


From Issue 509:

A bug in a web app that only manifested on Windows PCs and started in 1977? That sounds like a story you should read, doesn't it. 🤯


From Issue 510:

ducking autocorrect 😂

I've meant to link to this account for weeks now. It's so genuinely worth a follow. You won't regret it.

Dave Verwer  

From Issue 516:

Let's end this issue on a more positive note, with the discovery of why the Apple weather app avoids ever reporting a temperature of 69ºF and subsequent discovery of why it happens.

The explanation is not what you think.


From Issue 519:

Can’t innovate anymore, my a… Errr… well. 😂🛸


From Issue 522:

It's all just typing... ⌨️


From Issue 529:

Is this the ultimate bug report? 😂I think it might be!