It’s been around 20 months since Apple unveiled their Apple silicon roadmap and about 16 months since the first M1 machines landed on people’s doorsteps.

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it seem like they’ve been around for longer than that? I had to double-check those dates! 😬

During that initial announcement, Apple said they planned to complete the transition to Apple silicon within two years, leaving them either 4 or 8 months, depending on when you start the clock. Of course, nothing is tying them to hitting that “deadline”. It’s frankly amazing that any of this transition has been possible during the last couple of years!

There are only two products left to announce before that transition is complete: A large-size iMac/iMac Pro and the Mac Pro. I’m deliberately not thinking about any of the hopes around a “Mac mini Pro” (that capitalisation!) as I’m sure that re-engineering their entire range of laptops and desktops to a new architecture during a pandemic has given them quite enough work. 😅

We may see the M2 generation begin, though. A15 chips have been in phones since September, and if Apple is planning to fall into a similar annual update cycle of M-series processor generation, we may see M2/Pro/Max chips based on the A15. However, given the size of this change, regular M-series generation iterations might only begin once the transition finishes. Then again, how hard can it be to switch processor generation mid-way through, though?! It feels like it should be trivial from my position of having designed and made a few PCBs in a school electronics class! 😂

Either way, the M1-based machines that we’ve seen so far have exceeded all of my expectations and running an M1 Max for the last few months has been a joy, so I’m sure whatever Tuesday brings will be impressive. It will also be a brief distraction from the awful current events for those of us lucky enough not to be directly involved. 🇺🇦

Enjoy the event!

Dave Verwer  




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And finally...

Or, maybe this is Tuesday's announcement! 🤞