I continued my grand tradition of being wrong about Apple announcements with last week’s comment! 😅 I predicted they’d show us what the larger iMac and Mac Pro would look like, and we saw neither! Instead, it was about the product I said I wouldn’t even mention, the Mac mini Pro, or as Apple called it, the Mac Studio! 😍 It does replace the larger iMac, though, so maybe I get a few compensatory internet points for that? 🤷‍♂️

I’m sure you watched the event, so I’ll not recap any of the details, but the question I’m sure you’re all asking is, “How fast will Xcode compile my project with an M1 Ultra?”

Assuming you have a big enough project to keep that many cores busy for an extended period, I’d expect Xcode performance on the M1 Ultra to scale in line with the increase in CPU cores and be around twice as fast as the M1 Pro/Max. The returns may start to diminish as the number of cores increases that high, though, so it’ll be interesting to see real-world benchmarks.

With that in mind, you may remember the post comparing the M1 Pro and Max chips on the Swift Package Index blog last year! If I can find a couple of people with different specs of M1 Studio machines, then we can update that post with new results. Drop me a reply to this email if you have an M1 Studio arriving around launch day and would be willing to run the SPI benchmark tool, and I’ll get it organised! 🚀


There’s one other note I want to add to this week’s issue. For the past two weeks, I’ve been torn about whether I should say something about Putin’s appalling invasion of Ukraine. I had a few words about it in early drafts of Issue 547’s comment but everything I wrote felt like I was echoing the same few words that everyone else was saying. It felt like whatever I had to say was so inconsequential that I decided to remove them and keep the newsletter focused and on topic. Unfortunately, several people were unhappy that I didn’t say anything, and I received harsh feedback for not speaking out.

The following day, we discussed sending some help to the Ukrainian Red Cross on behalf of the Swift Package Index. We donated the sponsorship income from February and matched it with personal donations. We didn’t want to shout about what we were doing, but we made a short blog post and added a banner to the site to accompany the donation and show our support.

Despite the feedback urging me to speak out, I still felt ill-suited to say anything last week, just as I do today. I may not express it to the degree some of you would like to see, but I care deeply about what’s going on in Ukraine.

Dave Verwer  





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There are plenty more jobs available over at the main iOS Dev Jobs site. Or, if you're hiring you can post your job for free!


And finally...

Were Disney involved with the Mac Studio? 😂


What was that? Two "And finally…" links‽ I know it's my job to choose one thing for this section, but both of these were so good and so relevant to this week, I couldn't resist!