Coming up with ideas is easy, but they’re worthless until you execute them! Having the idea to create a website that allows someone to search metadata for open-source Swift packages isn’t particularly clever or unique, but implementing that idea created something special (at least, I believe it is!)

Then, during a conversation about determining package compatibility with Linux, it didn’t take a giant leap for someone to suggest, “You could try to compile each package with Swift on Linux, and if it compiles, it’s compatible!”. It was another thing to turn that into a reliable and robust build system.

So, when Apple released DocC, the idea to generate and host documentation for every package came quickly! 😬

Can you guess what feature we’re adding to the Swift Package Index today? 😂 Auto-generation of package documentation, hosted for free by us, and auto-updating every time package authors push changes.

I won’t go into more detail here. It’s all explained in the launch blog post. You can find more information on what it does, how to configure it for any open-source Swift packages you maintain, and a list of twenty packages that have already opted in to have us host their documentation!

Before I finish, I want to mention one more thing. I was a massive fan of the CocoaPods team’s work on hosted open-source documentation with CocoaDocs. That work was a big inspiration for wanting to do this, even before DocC existed, and I want to express my sincere thanks for everything they did. I hope we can pick up where that initiative left off. Thank you.

With that said. Please go check out what we created!

Dave Verwer  


It’s almost the best week of the year for a Swift developer! 🤘 Are you ready?

First, get yourself into a digital lounge where you’ll join Apple engineers, designers, and other community members on Slack for Q&A sessions, video session watch-along events with the presenters, and some social events. Then, get your questions ready for the 1–1 labs. These are your chance to get direct access to Apple engineers to ask specific questions about Swift or Apple frameworks. Registration opens for those sessions on Monday, so you’ll be in great shape if you know what you need to ask!

Don’t forget the community events, either! I was going to try and summarise everything that’s going on here until I saw that Apple had produced a wonderful collection of more than ten community events happening around the world. The only missing event I know about is The Talk Show Live from inside the new Apple Park Developer Centre and re-broadcast later on YouTube.

Apple also published this blog post on filing effective feedback, which is worth reading, but I also had this tweet thread from Natalia Panferova saved too. There has been a lot of criticism of Apple APIs in the last few weeks, and I don’t know about you, but the way people express that feedback has been really getting me down. Yes, Apple is a huge company and doesn’t need anyone to stand up for them. I’m just so tired of the endless negativity. You’re also way more likely to have someone help you with positively phrased feedback. 👍

If you’ve travelled to Cupertino, I hope you have a wonderful time. I’m sure the day will be one to remember! If you’re not in California this weekend, take some time to relax before it all kicks off on Monday. Remember that you don’t need to learn everything by Friday to get something worthwhile out of the week. Instead, meet some new people, chat with other Swift developers about what will surely be some fantastic announcements, and enjoy the week! 🚀





iOS Engineer @ Intent – Intent helps people figure out what to eat and simplify their lives. We're a small team with a fast-growing product, we're backed by top investors, and people love our app - 4.85 rating in the App Store. We care deeply about product and eng quality, and you'll have significant ownership and impact. – On-site (United States in CA)

Senior iOS Engineer @ DuckDuckGo – You will work on the team responsible for an all-in-one privacy solution. You'll collaborate with Product Managers, Designers, and Engineers across Native Apps to craft a world-class browser with embedded privacy features that will revolutionise the way people search, surf, and exist online. – Remote (Anywhere)

iOS Developer @ Impending, Inc. – Join a team of 4 responsible for designing and building Heads Up! – the App Store's most popular and beloved party game. We're remote friendly (US timezone overlap is critical), pay $150k/year+ and also tinker on some cool indie projects like Clear, which popularized swipe left to delete. – Remote (within US timezones)

Senior iOS Engineer @ Sendwave – We currently have a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot — people put their faith in us to deliver their money quickly, securely, and affordably. And we’re pretty darn proud of that. – Remote (within US or European timezones)

iOS Engineer @ Branch – Branch is on a mission to help working Americans grow financially. We do this by helping companies accelerate payments and empower working Americans with accessible, fee-free financial services. We’re committed to building and delivering more inclusive and transparent financial products. – Remote (within US timezones)

iOS Software Engineer @ NelNet Community Engagement – Our mobile-led strategy includes customized mobile apps, communication, online giving, and online learning. We help schools, churches, & nonprofits engage and grow their communities through text, web, & branded apps. – Remote (within US timezones)

Senior iOS Developer @ Flightradar24 – Join the team at Flightradar24, working on the world's most popular flight tracking service. This is your chance to be part of our small but mighty mobile team, work on every part of our iOS app and have a big impact on over 3 million daily users. – Remote (within European timezones)

Staff iOS Engineer @ brightwheel – At brightwheel, our vision is high quality early education for every child. Early education is a $100 billion market in the United States. There are more preschools than restaurants in the US, so the opportunity for impact is immense! – Remote (within US timezones) or on-site (United States in CO or TX)

iOS Developer @ Konrad – Konrad is an amazing community of the brightest minds in tech. We build bleeding edge mobile applications for some of the largest, most exciting companies in the world. We have a team of 250+ developers that work with the latest technologies. – Remote (within US timezones) with some on-site work (Canada)

iOS Developer @ MFB Technologies, Inc. – Be one of two primary developers responsible for our #legaltech iOS application. The app (written entirely in SwiftUI using functional programming) is currently in beta at a major law firm. You will be given flexibility, resources, and time to add features and improve its architecture. – Remote (within US timezones)

iOS Engineer @ Karbon – Karbon has spent the past 12 years building amazing apps for the best clients in the world. We’re a fully remote yet closely-knit team of iOS and Android engineers with an obsessive attention to detail. We value quality over quantity and focus on only a few key projects per year. – Remote (within US timezones)

Mobile Full Stack Engineer @ Expensify – Join our passionate team of top-notch engineers to solve a real-world problem, and help people spend less time managing expenses and more time pursuing their real goals. – Remote (Anywhere) with some on-site work (Australia, United Kingdom, or United States in CA, MI, NY, or OR)

Senior iOS Engineer @ Doximity – Doximity, the medical network used by over 80% of US clinicians, is hiring passionate iOS engineers (fully remote!). Come be part of an amazing product team + work on an app that is constantly evolving. Use your skills (Swift, MVVM, FRP) to be an integral part of our newly launched telemed feature. – Remote (within US timezones)

Senior iOS Engineer @ onX – Are you a Software Engineer that loves the outdoors? onX is hiring iOS Engineers. If you’re passionate about building great software, love playing outside, and believe in protecting access to public lands - then join onX, where we empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts to explore the unknown! – Remote (within US timezones) or on-site (United States in MT)


What will you do with the last couple of days before WWDC? Maybe you should browse the rest of the jobs at iOS Dev Jobs! There's way more there than the ones featured above.


And finally...

Tap the faces, and open a pack of cards. 🃏

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