First up this week, I want to thank you all so much for how you responded to my comments on funding the future of the Swift Package Index. Since last week, the Package Index has had new monthly contributions from 45 community members, almost doubling the number we had reached in the previous 18 months since first opening up for sponsorship in 2020. That’s fantastic. 🙏

It was also so lovely to see the call for help shared so widely. Your support is invaluable. I remember someone joking to me once that I didn’t need help promoting things as I had this newsletter. It’s not true! I only reach a small portion of the community, and someone else sharing something carries much more weight.

But the best part of the last week was seeing how people think about what we’ve built. It was wonderful to see the project talked about as being important to the Swift ecosystem and even better to see people put money behind those thoughts. Sven and I have thought it was important for a long time, but it’s easy to get bogged down in running something and forget that others view it the same way. Thank you again.

Finally, the Package Index also took on a new corporate sponsor last week, Emerge Tools. I know I said we didn’t want to add more advertising to the site, and that’s true, but they reached out and wanted to help. Given that we are in a situation where we need to make this financially stable, their help is very gratefully received.

Have I said thank you enough yet? 😅

With all that said, the project is still nowhere near financially stable. I promise not to talk about it here every week, I know you’re not here for that, and I thank you for indulging these last two issues’ comments! We do need to keep this momentum going, though, so if you read anything above and thought, “Oh, I meant to share that last week!”. It’s never too late.

Dave Verwer  





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There are only a few featured jobs this week, but plenty more are available over at iOS Dev Jobs. You can filter the job listings to areas you’re looking for work in, too, so if you want a remote job in US time zones, that’s easy to configure!


And finally...

Does anyone else miss boxed software? These are beautiful. 😍