When WWDC went virtual in 2020 and Apple replaced the in-person labs with virtual ones run over WebEx, the sound of everyone wishing that virtual labs and one-to-one sessions could become a year-round feature of the Apple developer programme was deafening.

It looks like Apple may be taking a step towards making that wish come true with their announcement of a new service this week, Ask Apple.

The service sounds very much like the virtual WWDC labs we’ve had for the few years, but … year-round? Isn’t that exactly what we wished for? 🎉

It seems like it! The only question is how often and for how long these will run. Apple has said that this service will run “for the first time” between the 17th and 21st of October (yes, that’s this Monday), which certainly implies that this isn’t a one-off, but they haven’t given any idea how regularly they might repeat. We should celebrate every time developers can get better access to help and guidance, though, even if this event only runs a few times a year.

Like at WWDC, there will be Slack Q&A labs covering specific technologies such as Augmented Reality, Accessibility, and Design. There are also Office Hours, a much more open-ended and real-time conversation about anything you’d like to cover, from code-level problems to App Review issues.

One improvement to the labs run via Slack during WWDC that I’d love to see is for Apple to capture and summarise the content from the Q&A sessions. The amount of information from these sessions during WWDC was fantastic, but it was left to the community to summarise and archive that valuable knowledge. If Apple does tackle this improvement, I’m sure everyone would be happy to have it labelled with wording similar to “this is an archive of a Q&A rather than word perfect and peer-reviewed documentation”.

Registration is already open, and I’d expect demand to be high, so don’t delay.

Dave Verwer  






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