In previous years, I’d have reached for Ruby (specifically rake) if I had to build a little helper tool or script that needed more than my limited knowledge of shell scripting. I wrote server code with Rails for a long time and still enjoy writing code with Ruby. It’s also great for knocking up little tools to automate repetitive tasks.

That’s changed recently, and it’s primarily down to one Swift package, swift-argument-parser. I built two small command line tools for some behind-the-scenes work on the Swift Package Index recently (1, 2) and used argument parser for both.

First of all, this package is seriously underselling itself. It should be named CommandLineKit or something that lets people know this is about much more than just parsing arguments. Making a tool that operates just how you’d expect any other command line tool to work is trivial. It’s fantastic. If you combine it with something like ShellOut you quickly find yourself with a powerful command line tool environment.

Secondly, it’s a great reminder that it’s easy to miss when a language you use regularly becomes significantly better at solving a problem. I had taken a quick look at argument parser when it first came out but hadn’t built anything with it and had missed what a step change it was for creating little utilities like these.

I hope this inspires a few of you to build your next utility with it! I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Dave Verwer  





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And finally...

I couldn’t find a recording of the Tim Cook, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Jony Ive interview immediately after it happened, and I forgot to follow up on my search.

Until this week, when I looked again and found it!