As the year draws to a close, it’s always nice to look back over everyone’s favourite section of iOS Dev Weekly, the “And finally…” link. No comment to trudge through, no sponsor, just something to make you smile and as my thank you for continuing to read this newsletter!

So let’s wave goodbye to 2022 with one final set of links. I wish you all a happy new year, and I hope that 2023 brings you all the happiness and success you hope for. 🎊🎉

Dave Verwer  

And finally...

From Issue 540:

Part of me pines for this alternate reality. 😍


From Issue 543:

i won 😂


From Issue 546:

Let's finish this week with a trip back through the history of Xcode!


From Issue 556:

It was a more innocent time. 🍻


From Issue 557:

AppKit for ... hold on ... what? 🤯


From Issue 560:

These are the WWDC leaks that I'm here for. 🤘


From Issue 562:

Stage Manager, or shrinkydink? 🙃


From Issue 566:

iOS, but teenage engineering took over the audio settings. 💡


From Issue 572:

If using Swift Charts to visualise sort algorithms wasn't enough, how about using them to make music? 🎶


From Issue 575:

Do you spend too much time in Xcode? Do nil disturb! 🕺


From Issue 580:

No one ever asks if it wants to detect faces or outline portraits.