If you told me I had to sit at my desk and push a button 600 times, you’d need to have a very good reason before I’d listen to you. 😂 Is publishing this newsletter a good reason? I have no idea, but I will push it for the 600th time right ... now! 🫣

The reality of looking back at newsletter issues is that many links are dead¹, but as a fun little exercise, I went back into the archives and picked out a couple of links from every hundredth issue:

In Issue 100, I was still recovering from WWDC 2013, where Apple had unveiled the new design of iOS 7. My favourite link of the issue is Brent Simmons’ DB5 framework, and the And finally…, which was the retirement of Three20!

Issue 200 is still the only issue ever to include an image! You should take a second look at Victor Baro’s recreation of Apple’s rubber band and Samantha Marshall’s unofficial guide to xcconfig files. The And finally… was Moscone related!

I was quite ill when Issue 300 got published, but at the time, a couple of other authors were working with me, so we still got an issue out! Thank you again for writing this issue, Evan. He linked to LicensePlist (which is still maintained today) and Nick Babich talking about when to use Google-style floating action buttons. The And finally… related to bug fixes and improvements.

Issue 400 included an NSHipster article by Mattt, which is a publication I still miss. The And finally… was a tweet that has been deleted, unfortunately, but it must have made me laugh at the time!

It has been less than two years since Issue 500, so the links are less interesting for nostalgia purposes, but you might enjoy the stats roundup from 500 issues.

I’m so grateful you all still want to read my writing here. Thanks so much for subscribing, and to all the sponsors for their support, too. ❤️


¹ It’s funny. The most likely indicator of whether an article link is dead or not is whether it’s on a personal blog/domain. People maintain their blogs well, whereas services and news sites come and go.

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And finally...

What would a ChatGPT powered documentation search look like? 😍