Note: Before starting this week’s intro, I want to emphasise that I am not an impartial observer of today’s news. I would have covered this announcement no matter what the open-source project was, but I am directly involved in everything announced today, and my bias is unavoidable. Everything I write here is always my opinion, but I hope you’ll agree that this is hugely important news, regardless of my involvement!

You may have already seen the latest post on the official Swift blog, where Apple announced their support for the Swift Package Index. They announced both public and financial support for the project and asked us to write up the history and a behind-the-scenes look at what we have built over the last three years.

The most important part of this announcement is the public support of a non-Apple open-source project. This is a big deal, and the Swift team deserve so much credit for making it happen. Thank you to everyone from Apple who supported this, especially Ted Kremenek and Tom Doron, who have been a pleasure to work with at every stage. Yes, this is hugely important for our project, but it also feels significant for Apple. The community has been asking for more external support, and if this isn’t what we’ve been asking for, I don’t know what is.

The additional financial support that this brings is also critical to the project. Our sponsorship before today was (and still is!) hugely appreciated. Still, the time this project demands of us means we faced some difficult decisions about its future. Adding Apple’s financial support on top of our existing community, corporate, and infrastructure support ensures the availability and stability of this project. We’re here to stay. It doesn’t mean our funding is complete, but we can rest much easier at night.

I’d also like to thank everyone in the community who supported our site in any way to get us to this point. Whether through our existing sponsorship programme, creating and submitting open-source packages, or visiting the site to help find your app’s dependencies. We would not be here without you. Thank you all.

We also wrote up this news on the Swift package Index blog and updated the supporters page with that iconic logo.

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