At the start of last year, the rumours of an Apple AR/VR/MR headset were so prevalent that I opened the first issue of 2022 with a comment about them. I guessed that no announcements were imminent.

It’s not just about correctly predicting whether Apple will or won’t announce something, though. I just re-read what I wrote, and I believe my reasoning still makes sense today. I don’t think VR/MR is any more compelling for Apple today than it was 15 months ago, mainly because of how people will perceive whatever is possible with today’s technology.

But if the rumbling was deafening at the start of 2022, it’s overwhelming now, and the tech press had nowhere to go other than to start talking about rumours as if they were facts. 🙄 I’m not fond of this practice, but it looks increasingly likely that there will be an announcement at WWDC. Even Tim Cook has been talking freely about the possibilities, and I can’t think of anyone who speaks as carefully as he does.

Naturally, we’ll have to sit through hundreds of “Apple is doomed” articles if people perceive whatever Apple announces to be too expensive, heavy, ugly, awkward to wear, or limited in functionality, just as we did after the slightly rocky launch of the Apple Watch, but if there’s one thing about Apple, they are outstanding at not letting the reception of a first-generation product get in the way of their long-term plans.

If Apple announces a device five weeks from now, it will be the next step in the line that started with this announcement in 2017, and whatever might be imminent certainly isn’t the final destination. They’ll refine the message and the device, and I’m sure in five more years, we’ll have those sleek, beautifully designed spectacles on our faces.

Either that, or I’ll write this comment again in May 2024! 😂

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