Well, they did it!

This is a calibration moment. Take yourself back to a year ago, before all the rumours of specific hardware. How many of you expected Apple’s first entry in this product category to look like a pair of spectacles? Maybe with a thicker frame and stems or some other clever way to hide the hardware, but a device that more closely resembled glasses than a headset. That made sense to me, too, but only if Apple had a few more years to work on it because that kind of miniaturisation doesn’t exist today.

Of course, I don’t need to tell any of you what Apple showed us in the keynote and all the visionOS sessions released this week. It’s the VR/MR headset hardware, exactly as rumoured, but with a fully thought-out software story that screams, “AR is still our end goal!” 👓

That’s where the “calibration moment” I mentioned above comes in. Before we had eyes on the Vision Pro hardware, we had no idea how far Apple was along the path to something that does everything this headset does in the form factor of a pair of spectacles. Now we know exactly how far along they are.

So am I disappointed they unveiled this version? Absolutely not. This is a tremendously exciting announcement, and now they can iterate. Even better, we can watch that iteration in the open! We’ll see the devices shrink and the software take leaps and bounds. It’ll be amazing, and I can’t wait to see (and participate in) what they do over the next few years¹!

¹ Please note that I am being very vague about how long a “few years” may be. 😂

Dave Verwer  

As with every year’s post-WWDC issue of this newsletter, I won’t try to cover everything from the conference. We have the whole summer to digest everything and even longer for all the visionOS things! As with every week, this is merely a collection of links that caught my eye.






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And finally...

It wasn’t only this year’s keynote that had one more thing… 🎵