I won’t go into detail about what Apple announced regarding testing visionOS apps on Vision Pro hardware this week, as I’m sure you’ve already read about it in their announcement article. You’ve also almost certainly already applied for a lab, a developer kit, a compatibility evaluation, or all three!

Labs and developer kits are great but not particularly surprising as we’ve seen programmes like this from Apple alongside other platform launches. Compatibility evaluations are interesting, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s the first time we’ve seen these publicly available for a new platform. Actually, I think this is the first time we’ve ever seen any kind of pre-actual-review app review!

There are comprehensive details on what the review will check in the announcement. visionOS is so drastically different to every other iOS-based platform it’s almost unfair to expect people to develop an app without being able to test it, and I expect these reviews to save many hundreds of hours in back and forth with app review as we get close to “day one”. It also potentially benefits Apple in training reviewers on what developers plan to do with the device.

It doesn’t sound like you’ll get opinion-based comments from the reviewers like you would at a WWDC design lab. It’s more of a “Does the app work?”, “Does it violate the guidelines?” and “Does it behave well in AR”? You might get more opinion-based feedback in the in-person labs.

If you’re developing something for visionOS, I wish you great luck getting a spot in whatever you applied for, and if you’re not, well, Happy Friday anyway! 😂

Dave Verwer  





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