I recently read this post from Danijela Vrzan on reaching one year of blogging about Swift. She published it just before WWDC, but that week’s issue of the newsletter was full of pre-conference excitement, and I’ve not found a chance to share it since with all the post-conference catch-up. I wanted to link to her post, though, partly to congratulate her but also hoping that her writing will encourage more people to write about Swift and Apple platform development.

There’s nothing wrong with YouTube, Podcasts, Twitch, and all the social media platforms, but for me, nothing beats a blog post. I can read it at whatever pace and schedule makes me comfortable, search it for keywords or something specific I’m looking for. I can easily share a key point with copy and paste, or a link to the whole article.

In my (admittedly possibly old-fashioned) opinion, it’s the very best way to share something you learned or did. Hundreds of people blog about Swift already, and you could join them. Whether your writing is a quick paragraph or an in-depth tutorial doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter if you switch back and forth between those! You don’t need to write every week or on any regular schedule at all¹. You don’t have to dedicate your life to it or make it a source of income. But every blog I have written on over the years has provided me with some quantity of good things in return.

Thank you to everyone in this community for the hundreds of posts I read each week. I can’t share them all, but I’m glad you write them. ❤️

¹ … as long as you have an RSS feed so I can subscribe! Also, if you have a blog or plan to start one, please add your RSS feed and details to the iOS Dev Directory. I run my whole RSS system off that directory, and it powers other sites that help promote your writing, too.

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And finally...

Have you ever seen a book this future proof?