I said last week that I don’t expect any big Vision Pro news in Tuesday’s event. However, after saying that, there is something that I’ve been wondering about since Apple previewed the device in June.

I’m not one for hardware rumours, but I went looking for them this week as I hadn’t seen any sign of one which I was convinced would appear - an iPhone camera layout capable of spatial video recording.

As I understand it, spatial/3D video recording needs two cameras that are approximately eye-distance apart, and all currently shipping models of the iPhone in landscape mode have space on the back to make that happen.

But I couldn’t find anyone predicting that kind of camera layout when I looked. Unfortunately for me, that probably means there’s a really simple reason it won’t work and that anyone with a little more knowledge on the subject could instantly debunk the idea. 😬 Am I missing something obvious?

Apple will have been thinking about this problem for a while, and now would be a great time to introduce cameras like this on some phones. The Vision Pro allows people to watch spatial video, but no other device in their ecosystem currently records it. They need people to have plenty of spatial video to drive sales¹ of visionOS hardware, and the iPhone 15 models are their first opportunity to make a move in that direction. By the time iPhones have had a way to record spatial video in addition to “regular” video for a few years, visionOS devices are much more likely to be mainstream. Doesn’t it all make a lot of sense?

So, I’ll go ahead and predict we see this kind of camera arrangement on the highest-priced phones in Tuesday’s event. I eagerly await being proven wrong! 😂

¹ Not necessarily sales of this Vision Pro model, but I’m assuming that over time, the price will reduce with a Vision non-Pro and as the hardware used in these devices becomes less bleeding edge.

Dave Verwer  




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