During the Meet Push Notifications Console session at this year’s WWDC, you may have seen that Apple added logging functionality to the Notifications dashboard in your developer account.

This feature is huge if your app sends pushes, and what app doesn’t these days? For a long time, push notifications were very much something you posted into the void with your fingers crossed that they would end up pinging a device somewhere. It feels like delivery rates are much better than they used to be when they first launched, but it’s just that, a feeling based on anecdotal data.

It’s now possible to figure out what’s happening with notification delivery. Store the new apns-unique-id identifier that comes back with the payload from sending a notification, and use the new Delivery Log to investigate what happened during delivery.

That’s incredibly useful for individual messages but not so much for overall statistics. The good news is that the other half of the story arrived this week with the addition of aggregated metrics. You can now see a breakdown of delivery by notification type (alerts, complication updates, live activities, etc.) and see how many messages APNS delivered, stored for later, or discarded, along with information about why they ended in that state. It’s handy information, and you should give it a look for your apps!

We’ve come a long way from how notifications launched in iOS 3!

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