When we added DocC documentation hosting to the Swift Package Index, I was very happy with what we built and how easy it was for package authors to opt in to. But I also hoped that people might spend more time writing documentation if building and hosting it were only a matter of adding a couple of lines of YML in a configuration file.

I’m delighted to say that it’s becoming clear that my hope is coming true as this week as we hit a milestone of 500 packages choosing to have us build and host their documentation. 🎉 As a percentage, that’s almost 8% of the 6,300+ packages we index. Given that DocC has only been available for a little over two years and our documentation hosting for a little over a year, I’m pleased with how high that number is.

However, a more interesting number appears when you filter that by packages added to the index since we launched our DocC hosting feature. With that filter, the number rises to almost 18%! Even better, that percentage is rising over time. 📈

So, I thought I’d use today’s comment as a reminder that if you contribute to an open-source Swift package, the Swift Package Index can build and host documentation for free. I’d love to look at that number in a few months and see it rise even further.

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