You might have noticed a couple of changes to the Swift website recently. First, a long-running project from the Swift Website Workgroup¹ went live with a significant content update. The old home page introduction paragraph is gone, replaced with code snippets to give a sense of the language, new getting started resources, an improved installation page, several new guides covering creating a command line tool and Swift on the server, newly written articles, and many more improvements.

Then, yesterday, we added a new Packages page that showcases a selection of packages from across the Swift package ecosystem.

For me, the most exciting part of this page is the Community Showcase, which we will update monthly with community-nominated packages. The first showcase highlights some packages recently discussed on Swift-related podcasts, but the doors are open for nominations of packages from all over the community. The only restriction is that you must nominate someone else’s package, not one you are involved with maintaining. You can make nominations in this thread on the Swift forums, and I can’t wait to see what we feature over the coming months.

There’s plenty more potential for improvements to the website, but I hope you’ll agree² that these two updates are a significant step forward.

¹ For full disclosure, I am a member of this workgroup.
² Again, please remember that I am biased, being involved with both the Swift Website Workgroup and the Swift Package Index, which powers the packages page.

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And finally...

Do they sell this accessory at the Apple store? 🙋

I’m sure you’ve all already seen it, but just in case, this is from this behind-the-scenes look at this week’s Apple event.