This year’s Swift Mentorship Program just wrapped up, and I’m happy to say that it’s now the third year I have participated as a mentor for the Swift Package Index project. It’s something I really enjoy doing, and it is a great opportunity to show that open-source work isn’t as scary as it might seem.

This year, I worked with Cyndi Chin, and one of her goals was to work on a feature from start to finish. As we chatted about what that meant, we landed on it covering everything from designing the feature through implementing it on both the front and back end, and finally, writing the feature launch blog post! When Cyndi says “start to finish”, she means it. 😱

The feature that Cyndi designed and shipped is for package authors rather than people looking for packages. It makes the package score that partially affects the order of search results transparent and visible and adds two more score metrics, which is something I’ve wished we had for a long time. I won’t go into detail here, as you should read Cyndi’s launch post on the Swift Package Index blog instead.

Working with Cyndi was an absolute pleasure, and what she achieved over the last 12 weeks is a valuable step forward for the Swift Package Index. Thank you Cyndi!

I’d also like to recommend that if you’re involved with any Swift open-source project and haven’t yet participated in the Swift Mentorship Program, you keep an eye on the swiftmentorship tag on the Swift Forums. The programme usually gets announced in July. 🚀

Dave Verwer  






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I’ve re-hosted the original website, so you can see what passed for app marketing in the early App Store.

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