Did you watch the GitHub Universe keynote earlier this week? Or should I say, the GitHub CoPilot keynote?

I won’t talk about the state of AI, the CoPilot technology itself, or any other potential issues in my comment today. All of that will change over time, and no matter where my opinion would land, I want to save my inbox. 😬 Instead, I want to talk about it more broadly.

GitHub is clearly all in on CoPilot, and to prove that point, it was the focus of their entire keynote. CoPilot in Pull Requests, generating descriptions and explaining code. CoPilot in editors and IDEs, both first-party and expanding out into third-party too. CoPilot everywhere.

Then, as the keynote closed, they previewed “CoPilot Workspace”, and it’s an evolution of CoPilot across the full software development process. Open a GitHub issue, describe your problem, go back and forth with the AI to define and edit a spec, then hit a button and have it open a Pull Request with the code and tests implemented. Magic! 🧞

Recently, I’ve received several quite pessimistic emails that focus on what might happen as this technology matures and becomes capable of things like CoPilot Workspace. What will all the software developers do once we’re out of work? 😱

AI brings the potential for massive change in software development, and there’s a good chance it’ll meaningfully change the industry. I’m not pessimistic about it, though. We’ve been through big changes before, and so has almost every other industry. It’s progress, and if AI doesn’t drive it, something else will.

If we do end up in a world where we can write a GitHub issue, press a button, and see a perfect change get deployed, it’ll mean we have to get much better at writing issues, and we’ve been fighting that battle for decades! If this is what makes that happen, bring it on. 😂

Dave Verwer  






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And finally...

Am I linking to this because it’s a great little tale of using CreateML to solve Rubik’s cubes, or because the 3D printable robot is called CUBOTino? I’ll let you decide! 🧩