Here we are at the end of another year, and as tradition now dictates, that means it’s time for the “Best Of And Finally…” issue!

There’s no double-anonymized voting system going on with how I picked this “best of“. I just opened up every issue of the newsletter I published during 2023, read the “And Finally…” links, and judged each by the metric of “Which links still make me smile?” Science! 🔬

I hope your 2023 has been full of happiness and prosperity, and I wish you all the best for 2024. 🎊 Enjoy the links, and I hope a few make you smile, too! I’ll be back next week with a regular issue.

Dave Verwer  

And finally...

You have been a good reader. I have not been a good newsletter. 😊

You probably already read that link this week as it was widely shared, but you may have missed Allen Pike’s excellent explanation of context that causes some of these issues.

From Issue 597  

How on earth did I miss this?! 🤯

From Issue 607  

The Swift Package Index lives on the island of Swiftoria. Just a short ferry ride across the sea from Discordia and Proxyland. Where do your projects live?

From Issue 611  

I see what you did there, Steve! 😂

From Issue 614  

Fix the 2D tree sprites, and I’m all in!

From Issue 615  

I said “but Craig uses it!” 💥

From Issue 616  

The Apple & Grand Theft Auto mashup you didn’t know you needed. 🚨

From Issue 625  

You wouldn’t steal a car.
You wouldn’t steal a television.
You wouldn’t ...

From Issue 626  

I made a game“ 😱

From Issue 632