Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all feeling rested and enthusiastic for the year ahead. It might be a notable one, too, with the debut of you know what.

I don’t want to start the year thinking about shiny new products, though. I want to make an offer to the community around a subject I love: encouraging more blogging and technical writing about Swift.

I like to think I’ve helped with this a little already by linking mostly to community-written blog posts in this newsletter for more than twelve years and by building and maintaining the iOS Dev Directory for the last six. What started as an attempt to find new voices in this community has grown from my seed list of a few hundred blogs to more than a thousand today in eleven languages, contributed by hundreds of community members. Is your site missing? Please add it.

To continue this, I’d love to offer some free and one-to-one mentorship to members of this community interested in writing publicly about Swift, Apple platform development, app design, marketing, running an app business, or any other topics in this area. You can be brand new to blogging, or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while but think you could benefit from some advice. We’ll organise a quick call and then go from there. I might be able to help you choose which topics might be interesting from a few that you may be considering, offer help structuring posts and making sure your point comes across clearly, or maybe someone to bounce ideas off who has some experience.

If this offer isn’t something for you, please consider sharing it publicly or passing it on to someone who might benefit. If it is something you’d be interested in, drop me an email (it’s dave at this domain, for those reading on the web or via RSS) with a quick introduction and then tell me a little about why you’d like to start blogging or expand what you’re already doing. Please also mention if you’re a member of an under-represented group in this community¹. You don’t need to write an essay. Just a paragraph or two is great!

The only thing I want to say explicitly is that this won’t make me any more or less likely to include links in this newsletter to posts from anyone I am talking to. I sometimes link to people new to blogging, and that won’t change. However, I’ll try and keep any bias I get from talking to people away from the choices I make, just as I always do.

This offer isn’t “first come, first served”, but I also probably can’t help everyone who might be interested. I’ll pick some people from everyone who emails before next Friday. 👍

Happy New Year again, and I look forward to encouraging more writing in this community in 2024! 🎊

¹ Please don’t feel you must give any details about why you consider yourself a part of an under-represented group in tech blogging. Just mention that you are. I won’t question any further.

Dave Verwer  




Business and Marketing



It's always slow at the start of the year for open positions, but I'm sure some companies are still hiring. Posting jobs on iOS Dev Jobs is still free, or pick a featured listing when you check out and your company might be the only one in this section next week.


And finally...

I can’t decide what I like more between the name CellLVM or what it does! ❤️